Back To School Time 08-11-2015

It has been over 2 months since I have had my quiet and peaceful workspace to myself…..Do not get me wrong, I LOVE having my kids home for the summer. I enjoy my time with them and being able to sleep in. BUT it feels so good to be back!!! Back to myself again, back…


The Timer Method! 07-25-2015

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  Work and home life… can be challenging at times to find the balance. I have adapted new ways to try to work through this over and over. Always searching for the perfect solution. With a full-time job, kids, home and a husband to take care of, there are not enough hours in the day.…


Growing Yourself For Your Business! 07-16-2015

Being a constant student is so beneficial to your success in life and in the workplace. Knowledge equals power!!! Always stretching and learning is key to your success.  I am a huge fan of Dale Carnegie online training as well as the John Maxwell classes. If you have never tried one or never have read…