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What are YOU eating this week? Want to know what I plan to feed my family this week? It can be hard to cook for a family of 7 when you are trying to eat vegetarian and healthy BUT you can still cook healthy meals and make small changes for yourself or whoever needs to adjust the meal! I cook all of these meals from scratch and only use whole food products/options. šŸ„— šŸ

āœ… Monday: mushroom gravy/meatballs, egg noodles, rolls

āœ… Tuesday: black bean tacos, rice, salad

āœ… Wednesday: garlic shrimp, cilantro rice

āœ… Thursday: pork carnitas, beans

āœ… Friday: mostaccioli, garlic bread, salad

weekend: salmon and broccoli
spinach ravioli and salad

**sometimes depending on the meal we may add a side of baked beans, yellow rice, chips, and salsa, etc for the kids but honestly, they also eat pretty healthy and enjoy fruit and salads for their sides.

For myself, I usually have bran flakes dry (no milk), 1/2 of a flax/whole-grain muffin, a homemade smoothie, protein shake, salad, nuts, fruit or brown rice for breakfast and/or lunch during the week. When cooking meat for my family, I usually have a substitute for myself or vegan leftovers.

Often times hubby and I modify these recipes and add/subtract accordingly for ourselves depending on the night.

For pasta dishes, I use plant-based noodles like lentil/pea noodles, for rice I use whole grain.

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