Take back YOUR time this summer!

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Summer is HERE!! And boy have I had an awakening! Time to revamp my daily schedule. Balancing work, chores and the kids can leave us exhausted by the end of the day. I needed a quick fix and FAST! After talking with some of my fellow leaders, I decided to really revamp my social media notifications for starters. We can ALL benefit from that! FB can be a spastic mess even on a good day and when you work online sometimes it is hard to balance personal social media time versus work related social media time. Sorry group and page notifications, you had to GO!!!! WOW what a relief! No more endless alerts and beeps and pop ups. The only pages and groups I kept on were my work groups. That is it! And I took off FB messenger on my phone. That’s right, with a full time job from home, 2  church ministries to be ran, a family to take care of and a coaching business to run,  I cannot stop to answer every single FB message. I simply cannot. And that is ok. They have my email, they have my phone appointment scheduler. So all is well. And when I can answer those FB messages, when it is THAT time of my day, then I will do so!

Ladies…..this is a game changer and a MUST! You have to balance your time and priorities. Work is work and it has its own time and place. A burden has been lifted! YAY I just won back some of my own life and it feels amazing! As a leadership coach and mentor, I know these things but even the best of us can get caught up in social media and pretty soon, we don’t even know why or how we ended up on FB for 3 hours. It takes dedication and a lot of will power at first but my friends, your time is worth more and your family is worth more. Put it down. Manage your work hours! Enjoy your kids and the summer! Schedule your hours and break free from the addiction to multi-task and work 24/7, to be that perfect work from home mom, or stay at home mom. It’s okay to say no sometimes and only work when you have truly scheduled yourself to work. I hope that this brought you some motivation today and I would love to hear how YOU are revamping your summer schedules!!

XO~ Vanessa

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