How do you know if you are taking on too much?

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You have goals…..BUT maybe you have too many goals? Or is there even such a thing? You are an over achiever and that is okay! You love to add things to your already busy plate, that is how you work best! Do any of these sound familiar?


You’re a Mom of 3 young kids but you…Lead the moms play group in your neighborhood, volunteer to do meals on wheels for your church, volunteered to be room mom for your 2nd grader and you just offered to host the monthly bunco group? Is that too much for one Mom to take on?


You’re a work from home Mom of 2 kids who works 20-30 hrs at home. You also teach yoga 3 times a week, carpool to baseball practice, have your own blog website and now you want to start to write your own book?

You work full time during the week and have 2 kids at home. On the weekends you travel for dance team with your daughter, you run a ministry at your church and you are in the local area Junior League and they want you to head up the biggest event this year.


I am exhausted just reading through these scenarios. But the truth is, YOU can do it all. When you want to take on a new role or add something exciting for YOURSELF to your plate all we need to do is re-evaluate your priorities and make sure to time manage your week to the best fit! Making time and scheduling everything in advance will make everything run smoother. Taking a look at what you currently do may also bring things to a new light. Maybe some things need to go from your to-do list? Maybe something you have been doing for many years needs to be passed down to someone else ? Or certain household tasks may be passed on to the kids now? Take a good long look at everything that you do and everything that you want to do and fit it into your schedule. I would never want to advise someone to give up on their dreams or to not try something they have been longing to try. This is your ONE shot at your life……make it count and make it YOURS!!!! Make a dream list of EVERYTHING you want to try and any goals you have!! Let’s work a plan to make it happen for YOU!

XO~ Vanessa


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