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My TOP 10 Self Improvement Books

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I love to read. Who loves to read? I am a constant student as I like to call it. Some of my all time favorite books are leadership and/or self improvement books. My house is full of them, because who can get rid of books? Especially self improvement books? I have a library full of…

Oh what an honor

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Oh what an honor…… Let’s talk about my full time job for a minute. I am one of 20 DMM’s for Chloe and Isabel. It is the highest level of leadership for the company. In all there are about 150 managers/leaders that work across the country, 20 of those being DMM’s like myself, the rest…

Hold on to each moment and truly smell the roses!

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Summer Break is a time for schedule changes and sleeping in. Swimming, laughter and camp fires. It all goes so quickly. Too quickly. We just came back from a wonderful family vacation. It is one we take every year but this one was the best!! The kids are getting older, we have our travel routine…