Where would I be without goal setting?

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Goals. They are so important for your every day life as well as your business! I am a planner and I love to set goals for myself and plan out my weeks, months and years! ALL women can benefit from goal setting! Goal setting is not just for a working Mom or successful business woman. Stay at homes with children and homes to take care can also benefit from goal planning, actually this is my FAV type of goal planning! College s need goal planning and even high school girls.

If you relate to any of these, goal planning will help you get back on track. It may seem like a silly think to do but in reality, successful and organized woman GOAL PLAN!!!!

• Busy mom who needs and craves motivation and routine?
• An entrepreneur with big dreams but no gusto to back it?
• Female in need of leadership coaching, life or business coaching?
• Your life and/or business is an unorganized mess?
• Needing a cheerleader or encourager?
• Have a million ideas but have no clue where to start?
• Just plain interested in growing and learning self improvement?

If you feel like you need any of these, goal planning will help you achieve any of the below points.

• A leader? Someone to lead you to greatness
• A support system
• A goal and life plan
• Business structure and coaching
• A revamp and reorganization of your life
• A healthy dose of personalized planning
• A fashion makeover
• A clear vision for your life and/or business
• To search yourself to find your core values and priorities in life

Make sure to enter your info here on my home page to get my FREE goal planning PDF!!! I would love to help you tackle your goals and get moving!!! For Moms, busy women, biz women and more, let me help you!!

For $120 we can arrange a Power Hour Call that we will plan out beforehand to maximize the 60 minutes together. YOU name the priority and we go to work for one hour!! This is great for a starter package to really let me help YOU to see your full potential and the magic within in YOU.

For $225 we can do 5 thirty minute calls tailored to YOUR NEEDS! This is my most popular package! We dive deep into your life and/or business to achieve greatness!!

For long term coaching I recommend the 6 month package for $850. We work together for 6 months, 12 sessions total. 2 per month! We will dig deep into your needs and work very closely together to achieve the ultimate in private coaching experience for your life and/or business.


Do you love to goal plan?? I would love to hear your FAV method of goal planning for your life and biz??

XO~ Vanessa



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